The Curse Is Broken


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Just broke through one of the most painful writer’s blocks I’ve experienced, this one spanning a total of eleven weeks. Eleven! Yikes.

The true meaning of 11 weeks: two and a half months kind of.

What I could have done within those 11 weeks:

  1. Finish a crappy draft of a full-length novel
  2. Write 11 short stories
  3. Edit another draft of an existing novel
  4. Come up with a million ideas
  5. Write a masterpiece

What I did instead:

  1. Wrote crappy drafts of two short stories that will probably never see the light of day
  2. Stared at my blinking cursor a lot
  3. Opened a lot of new documents and then closed them without saving

What I’m doing now:

  1. Working on a hopefully not-crappy first draft of my new novel, a young adulty fairy tale about a witch, a warlock, two princes, a princess, and a dragon. You’ve been warned.