Upper middle-grade fantasy with series potential

If you want Toph Roberts dead, you’ll have to get in line. He’s only thirteen and already, one assassin wants to kill him, and another is using him to bait the first. Toph can’t begin to fathom why. He’s magicless, harmless, and he can’t even stand up to his younger brother. Maybe it has to do with magic disappearing from the kingdom, though no one can see that happening except him.

When Toph gets caught up in a misunderstanding among pirates, witches, and magical beasts–who, by the way, are supposed to be extinct–he has more to worry about than the assassins. If he doesn’t stop the magic from leaving the kingdom, he’ll lose his home and everyone he’s ever loved.

THE BOY WITHOUT MAGIC is being represented by the wonderful Mary C. Moore at Kimberly Cameron & Associates Literary Agency.